Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley
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About Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley grew up in Ohio listening to Classic Rock and 80's Hip Hop music. To Jason, the appeal of the music industry had never been about living the pop culture life, but more so having the power of voice. The ability to reach many people with his work is a very rewarding feeling he strives to fully attain. Being raised on the “musical storytellers” of his generation has directly influenced his songwriting abilities. From a time when music was emotional with raw soul and spirit, to new-age up-tempo pop culture, Jason Kelley acquired inspirational elements that he attributes to his creativity.

Here is Jason Kelley’s catalog of works thus far:

In February 2009 Jason Kelley released His first independent album titled “Can I Get A Word In” copyright 2008 by the library of congress. This album has been digitally distributed on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon.com, and many more digital distribution sites and outlets.

In February 2010 Jason Kelley released his first mix-tape titled “Here’s A Sample”. This mix-tape is on many other online mp3 sites for independent artists, such as datpiff.com, reverbnation.com and many more. “Starting From Scratch”, Jason Kelley’s next mix-tape, is scheduled for digital release in the first quarter of 2011. “Simple As That”, Jason Kelley’s second independent release is projected to be released in the first quarter of 2011. Jason has performed on many shows and at many venues throughout Ohio, and Southeast Michigan. Opening up for major artists such as: Tone Loc, Young MC, Naughty By Nature, Afroman, and Coolio has given him hope and drive to turn his dreams in to reality. While working on many production projects for 92.5 Kiss FM, Jason has been able to learn different aspects of the entertainment world which has helped him evolve into a great artist. Jason Kelley’s music has been featured over local sports clips on BCSN in Toledo, OH. Local newspapers in the Toledo area have interviewed him about his music and accomplishments. Many people find it easy to see that Jason utilizes his numerous talents to their fullest potential while continually sharpening them regularly. Jason Kelley also DJ’s in the greater Toledo, OH area, and this allows him to stay up to date on music in the industry as well as gaining more knowledge on song format, song transition, and what people enjoy hearing. Jason Kelley believes in and lives by the phrase “It will work, if you work it”.