Ashima Franklin
Ashima  Franklin
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About Ashima Franklin
Comedian Ashima "Skinny Fyne" Franklin was born and raised in Moblie, AL. She moved to Atlanta in 2005 to pursue a lifelong dream of being in the comedic entertainment industry. She did that by getting a job in one of Atlanta's most famous comedy spots Uptown Comedy club as a waitress. She wanted to be in the best environment and culture that would give her exposure on how comics operated. In 2006, Ashima felt she was ready to take the stage after studying under some of the countries funniest and most talented comedians. It was clear from the start that her dynamic stage presence and girl next door personality, mixed with a classic southern accent that Ashima would clearly put her stamp on the comedy world.New to comedy, but not new to making people laugh Ashima has already successfully performed at some of the most premiere comedy venues and recently shot an independent comedy with Comedian Pierre. Ashima's ability to draw an audience into her comedic perspective of real life event and leave them nearly in tears laughing is the reason she has experienced such a welcoming embrace from comedy industry professionals who have sought her out to roast and host. She has just recently finished a tour opening up for the 5th time with Katt Williams on the "Conspiracy Theory" Tour. She was also apart of 4 of his previous tours. "Born Again", "Priceless", "Kattapocolypse", and "Growth Spurt" tours as well. She is also polishing up on her writing skills as she is being sought after for material from some of the industries best comics in the game right now. This can also be called a Triple Threat possessing Comedy, Writing and Acting skills. She is reaching for the stars and is not going to let any obstacles that this difficult industry can bring. Ashima had a leading role in the movie "Slice "created by Comedian Pierre Edwards as recently appeared in his new Webisode called "Dating Pierre"Recently she has been in Los Angeles, CA. where she is currently working for the Mogul Russell Simmons on a daily basis at his company All Def Digital. She is in the process of filming a new Webisode that is titled "Ashima Breaks into Hollywood" After meeting her on time she captured Russell's heart by making a joke about him in true Ashima Franklin fashion. Ashima will continue to entertain and delight audiences with her unique style, dynamic stage presence and infectious smile and charm. She is definitely a household name that is next in line to be known by the world.....Stay tuned.