Johnny Ginger
Johnny Ginger
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About Johnny Ginger
Johnny Ginger (real name: Galen Grindle) was a pioneer of Detroit television. His afternoon show, Curtain Time Theater (which was always pronounced "Thee-A-ter"), entertained kids from 1956 to 1967 on WXYZ-TV Channel 7. The live portions of the show were broadcast all around the television station, with Ginger in his janitor costume of bib-overalls and driving cap. By the early 1960s Johnny adapted a new character, that of the head bellboy at the Rocky Plaza Hotel, run by Rocky Granet (the voice of Rube Weiss.) He introduced a new generation of kids to The Three Stooges and even played the part of Billy The Kid in the Stooges last film, The Outlaws Is Coming. As a gesture of gratitude, the Stooges used many of the children's hosts who had run their shorts in the cast. He, Ricky the Clown, Jingles, Poop-Deck Paul, Milkey the Clown, Rube Weiss, Captain Jolly, and Soupy Sales helped pioneer Detroit television for children in the fifties and sixties.

Johnny was born in Toledo, Ohio. His parents, Ray and Edna, were a Vaudeville family act performing at the legendary Paramount Theater in Toledo, Ohio. His brother, Kenny, was a tap dancer in the family act. One day they brought little Johnny up onstage to sing Sonny Boy and he was an instant hit. As a teen he performed stand-up comedy in clubs all over Toledo, Detroit, and Canada. He previously went under the name Jerry Gale.

Johnny left Detroit for Hollywood and appeared on an episode of "The Rifleman."