George Smith's Holiday Show
George Smith's Holiday Show
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About George Smith's Holiday Show
This show is 18 and over. If under 21, tickets are $15 and must be purchased over the phone, 419-931-3474.

"George Smith began his stand-up comedy career at the age of eighteenin Toledo, Ohio. As a comic, he has been described as "a fusion ofenergy and insight" and "the poster child of A.D.D." Thesedescriptions no doubt stem from George's animated delivery style alongwith his ability to find humor in daily routine. George, who nowresides in San Diego, is performing at comedy clubs throughoutSouthern California, with a focus of bringing his performance tocolleges nationwide sometime next year. He was recently the winner ofa 40 comic competition at Pasadena's famous comedy club "the IceHouse." "