Derek Richards
Derek Richards
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About Derek Richards
Picture the serious side of life as a plate glass window. Now, imagine a cement truck barreling toward it at 100 mph. The maniac behind the wheel? Derek Richards.

As a comedian, Richards leaves fellow cynics screaming for more. And as a cancer survivor, he proves that a full-throttle sense of humor can make even the most dire days a laughing matter.

Whether to a packed house of hundreds or a handful in a hospital ward, Richards rakes in the roars with tales about his mom's dog; dating an exotic dancer; exercise; computers; and life on the road.

Richards' act is fast, fresh and, at times, fanatical, that can be heard on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, The Bob and Tom Show and Bob and Sheri. He also appeared on The Weather Channel's Top 10 Series and was a semi-finalist in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight.