Kool Bubba Ice & Ray Lipowski

Kool Bubba Ice & Ray Lipowski


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About Kool Bubba Ice & Ray Lipowski

Kool Bubba Ice is an actor and writer, known for HoodBurger (2015), The Apollo Comedy Hour (1992) and Comedy Only in da Hood (2001).

Ray Lipowski:
"If you have not seen comedian Ray Lipowski yet, you are in for a big surprise! This Chicago native proudly boasts he is married to a BEAUTIFUL black woman."
Did you notice the capital lettering for the word "BEAUTIFUL"? See, she was sitting next to me so I have to write that. I am in love with my wife, this I know because she told me that I was. My wife also wears the pants in this relationship and no, I'm not scared to admit it. Yes, she is sill next to me. No, no I'm kidding. I'm a comedian. I wear the pants, she just get what's in my wallet. That is true. She is no longer sitting next to me. We have two gorgeous daughter and they both have GOOD HAIR. Yes, I just said that. Well, that's what her family always says anyway.
My comedy is the best of both worlds -- not black, not white -- but true. I started my comedy career back in 2000 and have been blowing up clubs, colleges and comedy rooms ever since. Entering a comedy contest with absolutely no experience -- not even touching a mic -- I took 3rd place. This is no small feat since this particular competition was only open to seasoned veterans and established comedians. BET's "Comic View" took notice and placed me on as a regular for three years (where I received standing ovations).
In 2005, I was asked to perform at P. Diddy's "Bad Boys of Comedy" featured on HBO. The now available DVD release includes my performance featured for the nationally aired commercial to promote the DVD release, in addition to numerous magazines.
Additionally, I've toured Europe the last four years performing for troops stationed in Germany, London, Ireland and Amsterdam, as well as the locals.
Currently, you can see me in the Comedy Central show "Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El Rey," hosted by JB Smoove.
Yes, my comedy is in your face. Brash as well as bold, but most of all it's true. I've entertained to sold-out crowds of 2,500, to shows of 25, to audiences of 10. It doesn't matter how many people are there, I just love to make people laugh. Look out America, a star is about to be born!