Brian Hooks

Brian  Hooks


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About Brian Hooks

Brian Hooks is a highly prolific actor, producer, director, and comic. Rather it’s starring in blockbuster comedies like Fool’s Gold along side Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Hart, or starring along side Jimmy Fallon in independent jewels like The $cheme, Brian has been quietly making his mark around Hollywood for years.
Brian’s first major role in film occurred as the central character in the urban classic Phat Beach, which was written and directed by Doug Ellin creator of HBO’s Entourage. Thereafter Brian landed roles in many blockbuster films such as High School High, Bulworth, Beloved, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Soul Plane, and 3 Strikes. The big-screen notoriety was accompanied by his concurrent roles in many television series, such as NYPD Blue, ER, The Parkers, Amazon’s Hand of God, Vin Diesel’s The Ropes, and a series regular on the hit TV show EVE.
Brian is now bringing his talents to the stage, sharing his personal stories, morals, and beliefs through laughter. In light of the convincing success of his many previous film, television, and comedy endeavors, considerable achievements undoubtedly remain on the horizon in the multi-dimensional career of Brian Hooks.